Conditioner 101

Often underestimated, conditioners have the potential to transform your hair from unruly and lackluster to smooth, radiant, and full of life. Are you ready to elevate your hair care routine and unlock the secrets to silky, manageable, and envy-inducing hair? Get ready to discover the magic benefits it brings!

Here’s Why You Should Always Use Conditioner, According to the Experts 

After reading this, you won’t ever skip conditioner again — even when you’re in a hurry.
Until recently, I believed conditioner to be the backbone of one’s hair-care routine. It’s always served as the no-brainer, post-shampoo step that softens and smooths your strands after cleansing. But when a renowned hairstylist dubbed it virtually useless during my latest cut, it made me want to investigate (aka mass-email every expert I know). The aforementioned stylist is of the mindset that conditioner really doesn’t provide much benefit at all — rather, it weighs the hair down — and that diet, stress management, and genetics are the sole factors contributing to a healthy head of hair.

What you put in your body 100 percent matters (the more leafy greens the better!) and, of course, countless doctors have belabored the significance of both stress and genetics when it comes to hair, but regular conditioner use had always seemed fundamental as well. Turns out, that’s because it is. Conditioner is important when it comes to optimal hair health. Allow the experts to explain.

Meet the experts:

  • Ron Robinson is a cosmetic chemist and founder of skincare brand BeautyStat.
  • Adam Friedman, MD, is a board-certified dermatologist based in Washington D.C.
  • Perry Romanowski is a cosmetic chemist and co-host of the Beauty Brains podcast.
  • Chuck Bass is a hairstylist based in New York City.

In this story: 

  • For starters, what is conditioner?
  • How do you use hair conditioner and how long should you leave it in?
  • What are the benefits of conditioning your hair?
  • How often should you use conditioner on your hair?
  • Which conditioner should I use for my hair type?
  • Can conditioner have any negative effects on your hair?
  • What happens if you stop using conditioner?

For starters, what is conditioner?

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