Caring For Your Hair (And Extensions) Without Your Visit To The Salon

Many people would love to live at the salon, so they know they’re taking on each day with fabulously beautiful, salon-perfect hair. Don’t despair! Here are some tips on caring for your hair — and your extensions! — when you can’t get to the salon.

The question that’s stressing everyone right now is: how am I going to cope without my visit to the salon? We all know the struggle. Suddenly you have to become your own professional stylist and keep your hair in tiptop condition. It’s difficult right? Wrong!

There are some simple things you can do in the comfort of your home that will trick your hair and keep it beautiful and lively – even if you have hair extensions! Follow our tips below and get excited for some salon-worthy locks!


Whether you have extensions or not, changing up the way you dry your hair can help with a few things you may not have known about. Instead of using a towel to completely rub the hairs together when wet, use a gentle scrunching motion in the towel instead. This will help prevent frizz.

If you rub your hair together in the towel, the likelihood of breakage within your hair is increased and the frizz will be maximized.

You can go a step further and use a dedicated microfibre hair towel that is meant to be even more gentle on your locks. Either way, don’t rub or pull!


The best way to use conditioner properly is to apply it to the bottom half of your hair (your scalp doesn’t necessarily need conditioner) and then let it sit for up to three minutes.

If you can, try and ring out your hair as well before you apply the conditioner. This will ensure that the product doesn’t slip right off but actually gets into each strand thoroughly. If three minutes is too long for you to wait, you can always get out of the shower, do something else, and then rinse it with a hand shower.

If you ring out your hair, remember to do it gently. Especially if you have hair extensions, you don’t want those being pulled out!


If you can get hold of a silk pillowcase then absolutely do it. Silk is a favorite among hair and skin professionals because of the benefits it offers. Firstly, it is extremely soft, meaning your constant moving during the night won’t cause any harsh rubbing. No rubbing means no hair breakage.

Secondly, it won’t absorb the moisture from your hair like other material pillows will. This means that your hair will remain healthily moisturized for longer and your frizz will be reduced too.

For added care, sleep with your hair in a loose ponytail or plait. These are the best options for keeping your hair protected during sleep.


Heat styling is engrained in most of our routines but while we can’t go out anywhere, it’s a good time to relieve your hair from the added heat.

Heat has been known to damage hair, reduce moisture, and cause breakage when used without heat protectant. Even so, it’s a wise idea to give yours a break during this time and let it breathe a little. You can still do lots of styling that doesn’t require heat. You’ll just have to get creative and have fun with your natural locks!

Although there is nothing quite like a visit to the salon, at the moment there is very little we can do about that. In the meantime, follow our tips to keep your hair healthy and beautiful throughout the next few months and wow your hairdresser on your next visit!

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