Trending Curtain bangs for every hair type

Musing about how you can freshen up your hair? Bangs are certainly a simple and not-too-crazy-drastic way to go. And why not pick curtain bangs – the latest trend? First made famous in the ‘60s and ‘70s, they are extremely versatile, easy to maintain, and look equally good with all face shapes. Now it’s the perfect time to experiment! Check out more about curtain bangs for every hair type.

Curtain bangs frame your face in the same way that a pair of drapes frame a window. They tend to be shorter in the middle with lengthier wisps on the sides. And, due to their longer length, they are a great way to test-drive wearing bangs as they can be easily grown out. Phew!

Why Are Curtain Bangs Popular?
So why are so many people opening up to curtain bangs?



Many of us are leery of anything that involves cutting our hair, especially if you’ve finally achieved that long flowing mane you’ve always dreamed of. The nice thing about curtain bangs is that they do not involve the same degree of commitment as shorter bang styles. If you opt for a long version with the outer hairs about ear length, Pelfrey says they are easy to be pinned back or blended while you grow them out.



“Curtain bangs are universally flattering and require much less upkeep because the goal is a more French, effortlessly chic vibe,” says Pelfrey. “I favor this style because of the cheekbone accentuation, and the face-framing element.”
Curtain bangs flatter all face shapes, suit many hair textures, require infrequent trims, can hide hairline imperfections, and need much less styling than other fringe styles. They can help hide breakouts on your brow and forehead. And, as a bonus, these bangs can also make you look more youthful by concealing those pesky fine lines. Who knew that bangs could accomplish so much?


“People are feeling stir crazy during quarantine and are itching to change up their hair vibe, says Pelfrey.

NYC stylist, Emily Heser, says that the increased interest in bangs may due to people’s willingness to take a fashion risk during a time period when they won’t see many people and they don’t have a lot of social obligations.

4. Who do curtain bangs suit?

If you’re sick of being told that certain hair styles won’t suit you, you are about to do the happy dance. Curtain bangs are an apt choice for almost everyone with only a tiny handful of exceptions. They suit most face shapes perfectly well, especially those with round or square faces. They elongate these facial types, making them appear more oval-shaped.


5. What to ask your hairstylist

Admittedly, it isn’t easy to get a haircut during a pandemic. Thanks to Covid and its requisite lock downs, you may have to watch some YouTube videos and transform your look yourself. If it is possible to safely have a professional introduce your coif to bangs, this remains the best option. Your hair stylist possesses the special techniques required to properly achieve this look and enable you to avoid a follicle disaster. But, hey, if you do decide to take on the challenge, here’s how to cut your own hair.


If you have textured or coarse hair, the challenge will be in creating bangs that are natural and airy. we advises to ask your hairstylist to use texturing shears to make the ends wispy and light.


How Do You Maintain Curtain Bangs?

To be blunt, the curtain bang is the perfect “lazy girl’s bang.” Thanks to their length, they are very low maintenance and, if they’re long enough, they can even be thrown up into your ponytail—the preferred pandemic style choice. You can choose to keep the length with trims, or choose to to go longer between trims and grow them out. Plus, you can easily trim them yourself with a small pair of scissors.

Do curtain bangs sound like the perfect remedy for your Covid hair despair? If you’re eager for a change, but remain unsure if this transformation is right for your tresses, you might want to take this quiz to find out if bangs are right for you. Seriously, what are you waiting for? Now is the time to bid farewell to that pandemic pelt and transform your hair from blah to beautiful.

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